Body Psychotherapy

After her doctorate, Beth completed 6 years of training in integrative, body-based psychotherapeutic modalities. In 2013, she served as the president of the United States Association for Body Psychotherapy for 4 years.  Since 2001, she has been working to marry mind and body in order to gain greater access to blocked feeling states, anxiety, and trauma. Additional applications include Integrative Health and Sports. A typical session involves tracking the "felt sense" in order to know the thoughts and feelings locked in your cells. Through movement, breath, and present moment awareness, repressed emotions and beliefs surface, often more potently than through talk alone. Dr. Haessig has also received training in the Trauma Resiliency Model, a biological body-based approach to work with trauma adapted from Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing.

Integrative Health

As an integrative psychologist Dr. Haessig works with eating disorders at an urban hospital supporting the pre- and post-operative needs of patients undergoing weight-loss programming or bariatric surgery. She teaches yogic practices, stress reduction, mindfulness in eating, and awareness skills to support the life changes her clients' desire.


Athletes often use their bodies as objects to achieve excellence in competitive endeavors. It is critical for the health and optimal performance of an athlete, to listen to the messages of their body in order to integrate mind and body. Being grounded in the body, staying out of negative thought patterns, and managing anxiety, are all critical to success. Dr. Haessig works with athletes to develop skills of awareness and focus so that the athlete knows how to play their best game, on or off the field.  


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