The Body Remembers Traumatic Events by Beth L. Haessig, Psy.D.

Trauma & The Body

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When you experience a traumatic event such as an operation, car accident, witness to violence, or erratic parenting, if overwhelm occurs, you split off from the experience and sensations of your body in order to feel less terrified.  This splitting off prevents you from having and feeling a vital connection to your body and thus to life.  If you are disconnected from your body, you have difficulty regulating your emotions which compromise your ability to function without anxiety or depression. 


I use body-based mindfulness techniques and approaches to help you unlock your body’s usual response to life and emotion.  You learn to tolerate events without dissociating.  You also learn to attune and “befriend” your internal sensations.  Processing and integrating the trauma differently in your body helps you to regain a sense of Self, allowing you to cultivate new behaviors.


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